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Take Advantage of Esquire's Student Perks Program

Become an Esquire Court Reporter

Court Reporter Council

Tenured court reporters provide Esquire with guidance on programs and benefits that matter to you.

Court Reporter Help Desk

The Help Desk is our customer-assistance phone line that aids court reporters with invoices, usage of the Esquire portal, job submissions, and other pressing questions.

Court Reporter Rewards

We reward our reporters for high quality and superior work.

Referral Program

Help us grow, and get rewarded. Additional incentives are available when you bring in new clients or court reporters to Esquire.

School Credits

Tenured court reporters provide Esquire with guidance on programs and benefits that matter to you.


Meet fellow court reporting students and build relationships with Esquire court reporters and staff members.

Free Training Courses

  • Depositions 101: Understanding the Basics
  • Heavy-Lifting: Managing Transcript Loads
  • 1099 Status: Being an Independent Contractor

As an industry-leading provider of deposition management services, Esquire Deposition Solutions is committed to growing and strengthening the industry and, in particular, providing support that expands the skills and opportunities of court reporting professionals. Explore the benefits of working with Esquire.

We take great pride in offering career-related programs to Esquire court reporters, including:

Mentorship Program

We offer incentives for experienced court reporters who want to help beginners gain real-world experience. Enhance your professional growth through our mentorship program.

Exclusively available to Esquire court reporting interns

Take Advantage of Esquire's Premier Perks Program

Why Esquire is the Agency of Choice

Electronic Turn In

Some agencies still require a physical signature to be shipped into production. We save our reporters' time by being all digital.

Paid Shipping

Unlike other agencies, we pay our reporters' shipping costs so they don't have to wait to get reimbursed. 

Experienced/Tenured Calendar Department

We leverage many years of industry experience across our staff to deliver world class service.

Competitive Pay and Steady Work

We believe a well-paid, busy reporter is a happy reporter and we don't wait for the client to pay us before we pay you. 

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Social Events

We host market specific events for reporters to build connections with the Esquire team.

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Additional Perks

Esquire provides complimentary NCRA-approved CEU courses for court reporters. We offer a variety of live webinar and training courses so that you can sharpen your skills, stay abreast of industry trends and grow your business.